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SSIDM / RIBOS Server Problem - resolved
Posted by Richard Zealley on 22 November 2016 08:25 AM


02:00 The new server is up and running and all websites have been migrated across. Where we have access to DNS records these have been updated to point to the new server. Note that this may take 24-48 hours to complete. We manged to get a final backup of data from the old server so website data should be up to date as at 19:00 28th Nov. However, you may find some newly updated files missing. 

Please check your website thoroughly this morning. If you find anything amiss, please raise a support ticket in the usual way using or at .

08:00 Some additional work needs to be done this morning to enable outgoing emails from the new server.

09:00 SSIDM logins fixed.

10:10 Outgoing email on all websites has been reconfigured for the new server.


We are currently experiencing some problems connecting to this server and are investigating.

08:25 The problems appear to have been temporary and are now resolved.

9:30 Investigating a similar issue this morning it seems that a weekly AV scan is overrunning and causing problems on Monday mornings. The scan has been aborted and the server is now rebooting.

10:00 The server is not responding after the reboot and we are investigating.

10:15 A further reboot appears to have resolved the problem. We will keep an eye on this for the next few hours.

13:15 There still appears to be a problem with the server which we are investigating.

14:00 The server problem looks to be suffering an irrecoverable failure. We are working to restore to a new server but this is likely to take 24-48 hours to complete.

Background info: The old server was a Hybrid VPS - a virtual server on a physical 1Tb hard disk. While this configuration has worked well, it has a limitation in that it gradually uses up the 1TB space even if the virtual server has plenty of disk space. Once it gets full, the server stops working. We have been monitoring the situation on a regular basis but this week it has unexpectedly reached its limit. At this point we have no option but to rebuild on a new server. We are no longer using these Hybrid VPS because of this issue and will be rebuilding on a normal VPS which has expandable disk limits.

14:45 A new VPS is currently being built. Data will be restored from the last good backup.

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RIBOS Update 2.8.001
Posted by Richard Zealley on 14 September 2016 01:33 PM

Release Notes: 2.8.001

[RIBOS-379] - Multi-lingual Respondent Portal
New facility to add additional additional languages and for all text in the respondent website to be multi-lingual.

[RIBOS-380] - Remove browser options
Removed header options (font size, print, bookmark) as they can all be done via the browser.

[RIBOS-383] - Admin messages not in default language
Fixed admin messages so that they use the default language for password reminders.

[RIBOS-384] - Error running tables in Results for single category
Fixed error when using the [tables] tab in Results, if a single category is chosen.

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SSIDM/RIBOS/EH Server Maintenance 10th July (completed)
Posted by Richard Zealley on 08 July 2016 08:27 AM

We will be performing software updates on our RIBOS/SSIDM server this Sunday 10th July between 09:00am and 12:00pm. The maintenance is required in order to keep the servers secure and up-to-date.

SSIDM, RIBOS & EH websites may be temporarily unavailable during this time. We expect only a very short interruption of service (i.e. a few minutes while the server is restarting). 

Please check back here for progress and updates.


09:05 Rebooting now

09:30 Maintenance completed.


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RIBOS Update - 2.7.005
Posted by Richard Zealley on 19 May 2016 11:35 AM

Release Notes: 2.7.005

[RIBOS-375] - Store attachments in folders
Attachments (Reports in respondent site) can now be organised into folders.

[RIBOS-376] - X-axis of charts cut off in Results
Fixes X-axis of charts cut off in Results

[RIBOS-377] - Division by zero calculating SD
Fixed error when calculating Standard Deviation and the sample is 0

[RIBOS-378] - Month to Date capacity incorrect with profile list
Fixed Month to Date analysis calculate incorrect universe for capacity result if using profile list

[RIBOS-382] - Unit occupancy calculated incorrectly where let spans 2 years
Fixed problem where Unit occupancy calculated incorrectly where let spans 2 years


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Performance Issues on SSIDM/RIBOS Server - resolved
Posted by Richard Zealley on 06 May 2016 11:04 AM

We are experiencing some performance issues on the server that hosts SSIDM and RIBOS sites. There was an earlier network problem at the data centre which is marked as being resolved but this may be ongoing. We are working to fix this as soon as possible.

12:25 We are attempting to restart the server to resolve the issue.

12:45 Server has restarted and appears to be operating normally.


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