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RIBOS Update 2.8.001
Posted by Richard Zealley on 14 September 2016 01:33 PM

Release Notes: 2.8.001

[RIBOS-379] - Multi-lingual Respondent Portal
New facility to add additional additional languages and for all text in the respondent website to be multi-lingual.

[RIBOS-380] - Remove browser options
Removed header options (font size, print, bookmark) as they can all be done via the browser.

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SSIDM/RIBOS/EH Server Maintenance 10th July (completed)
Posted by Richard Zealley on 08 July 2016 08:27 AM

We will be performing software updates on our RIBOS/SSIDM server this Sunday 10th July between 09:00am and 12:00pm. The maintenance is required in order to keep the servers secure and up-to-date.

SSIDM, RIBOS & EH websites may be temporarily unavailable during this time. We expect only a very short interruption of service (i.e. a few minutes while the server is restarting). 

Please check back here for progress and updates.


09:05 Rebooting now

09:30 Maintenance completed.


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RIBOS Update - 2.7.005
Posted by Richard Zealley on 19 May 2016 11:35 AM

Release Notes: 2.7.005

[RIBOS-375] - Store attachments in folders
Attachments (Reports in respondent site) can now be organised into folders.

[RIBOS-376] - X-axis of charts cut off in Results
Fixes X-axis of charts cut off in Results

[RIBOS-377] - Division by zero calculating SD
Fixed error when calculating Standard Deviation and the sample is 0

[RIBOS-378] - Month to Date capacity incorrect with profile list
Fixed Month to Date analysis calculate incorrect universe for capacity result if using profile list

[RIBOS-382] - Unit occupancy calculated incorrectly where let spans 2 years
Fixed problem where Unit occupancy calculated incorrectly where let spans 2 years


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Performance Issues on SSIDM/RIBOS Server - resolved
Posted by Richard Zealley on 06 May 2016 11:04 AM

We are experiencing some performance issues on the server that hosts SSIDM and RIBOS sites. There was an earlier network problem at the data centre which is marked as being resolved but this may be ongoing. We are working to fix this as soon as possible.

12:25 We are attempting to restart the server to resolve the issue.

12:45 Server has restarted and appears to be operating normally.


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Replacement for SmarterMail Email Services
Posted by Richard Zealley on 04 March 2016 11:16 AM

ReZolve have been providing an email hosting service based on the SmarterMail mail server for the past 6 years. While SmarterMail has been an effective email platform for our small to medium-sized customers, we have made the decision to end this service as of September 2016. In its place we are now providing email services based on Microsoft's Office 365 platform and will be offering to migrate all users to this over the coming months.

Why the change?

Email is still a mission-critical service for most businesses and the need to keep the service running without any major outage is increasingly important. At the same time, the number of potential threats to such services, from technical issues to malware and hacking attempts, is making it harder to guarantee a reliable service. Over the past year we have a seen a number of incidents relating to compromised mailbox passwords and, earlier this year, a major outage at the data centre where our SmarterMail server resides, which resulted in some servers being offline for more than two days. While such incidents are extremely rare, the potential effects are considerable. Ideally we would provide a complete mirrored server at another location to reduce the effects of a failure but the cost of that would make the service considerably more expensive. By taking advantage of the infrastructure provided by a major partner like Microsoft we feel that we can provide a more resilient service while keeping the service affordable.

What does the new service cost?

The major change is that Office 365 is priced per mailbox and, whereas previously we started at a minimum 10 mailboxes, you now pay for just those you need. This means that smaller users with one or two mailboxes will pay less. For larger users the overall cost may well increase, depending on storage storage requirements. The two main options are:

  • Business Essentials: this provides a 50GB mailbox, 1TB storage and access to offline versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for £3.95+VAT p.m.
  • Business Premium: as above but also a user licence for the desktop versions of the same Office applications for £8.95+VAT

Because the number of mailboxes may change over a year, we are providing monthly billing for all Office 365 products.

Note that if you are an educational establishment Microsoft are providing a free service. See here for more details:

How much storage is provided?

Each Office 365 mailbox comes with 50GB of storage so it's very unlikely that any mailbox will run out of space. You also get 1TB of OneDrive storage for any type of document, which you can synchronise with a local computer and use with the Microsoft Office range of business apps.

What about contacts and calendars?

Office 365 provides extensive support for contacts and calendars and for sharing these between users. You can also synchronise these with mobile devices. Overall, Office 365 will provide all the facilities of SmarterMail and more.

How does the migration to Office 365 work?

As existing users, we will migrate all your emails and contacts to Office 365 free of charge. We start by creating a new Office 365 account for your email domain and creating all the users. Once that's done, we can switch across to the new email platform instantly. No emails will be lost - they just start getting delivered into the new mailboxes. Once this is done we then set up a data migration which copies all existing emails, including all sub-folders, into the new Office 365 mailbox.

Each user will have a new password and will need to change or recreate email accounts on each of their computers, tablets and/or phones. However, this process makes use of 'autodiscover' so is much easier to set up than it was for SmarterMail.

What if I don't want to use Office 365?

We also have a basic email service available. This provides a 400Mb mailbox for £1.75+VAT p.m. (or 2GB for £2.25+VAT p.m.). This provides POP, IMAP and webmail but there is no support for secure mail over SSL or TLS and limited anti-spam protection. It's most suitable for users who don't use webmail or mobile devices for email.

If you wish to move to another provider altogether that's fine. We'll provide whatever information is required in order for you to migrate away.

When will I have to decide?

We are contacting individual customers as their annual hosting renewal become due, but if you are interested in moving to Office 365 before then let us know and we can schedule in an early migration and factor in any remaining hosting allowance.

For more information please contact us on the usual support email address or by raising a new ticket here.


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